Sunday, January 9, 2011

Way To Kick Me When I'm Down!

So far 2011 has been a DOOZEY. I arrived back to NYC the Sunday evening after New Year's Eve and had high hopes for the future. Let me tell you, someone had others plans for me. I woke up that morning at about 1:30AM violently ill; yes, I'll save you the gory details but let's just say it was not pretty. This was just the appetizer to my main course of dismay, and trust me the Universe gave me a heaping portion of it.

I found out this past Wednesday that I will no longer be employed by the advertising agency. The reasoning is that the partners need someone with a business background and much more administrative experience than I can offer. So my position, operations coordinator, even though it was just offered to me is to be no more and will be upgraded to that of an executive assistant. I am so screwed. I have $175 to my name and not a pot to piss in. The agency fed me quite a bit of malarky and said they would gladly keep me on during the transition (which I've come to believe is 2 weeks while my replacement resigns from her current job) and mentioned just how highly they think of me and are willing to help me find a better job that I can "enjoy and grow in". So far not one person has offered any assistance other than my friends at the agency. Who have been wonderful, by the way.

Just so much has happened in the past week and everyone's true colors have been exposed. I won't list every detail because I literally am sick from talking about it. I just can't believe how underhanded and shady the agency is, especially when I thought everyone was so great. Boy, oh boy was I fooled. Looks like my NYC dreams have turned into a nightmare and I may be going home.

This is the summation of my feelings right now. "I hate you so much right now!!"