Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meet Me in Sedona

Today's blog is not about the drama that is my job, a bomb which continues to detonate a little each day revealing another layer of bullshit. No, it's not about that, or the $2200 in back pay that they owe me. Today's blog is about Sedona, Arizona.

A dear friend of mine at work, Rebecca has introduced me to my new dream destination. Sedona has everything I want right now, a landscape unlike any I have ever experienced, with its beautiful desert vistas and giant red sandstone rock formations. I can only imagine the sense of awe you must get from viewing the sandstone formations during sunrise and sunset, it's got to be so sublime. Just from what Rebecca has recounted and from the little research I have done, I need to go. The open roads and open sky sound so inviting, a place filled with people that remind you to slow down and revel in something bigger than yourself.