Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just Say Julie!

Step in to my time machine, make yourself comfortable and please secure your seat belts. Today's adventure is going to take us back in time to a place that is wild, colorful and filled with big hair. Flashback commence! We are traveling back to the distant past, I mean way back in time basically ancient antiquity: 1987. The Goddess in Progress of this time is none other than Julie Brown! In my book, she is the quintessential queen of camp. I mean her first big break was a part in Lily Tomlin's The Incredible Shrinking Woman which just happens to be one of my favorite childhood movies.

Her videos are parodies of popular 1980s music combined with her valley girl personality. The songs "Cause I'm a Blonde" ("I don't have to work I just have to jiggle!") and "The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun" were given radio airplay across the world. The latter was a spoof on traditional 1950s songs about teen romance, à la "It's My Party", with cheerleaders' heads and pompoms being blown to pieces. Of course, it was funnier before school shootings became common place among the nightly news.

So if you want to have a laugh Just Say Julie!