Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Get Ready For Annihilation

Destroyer will do just that, destroy you. I'm talking complete and utter destruction, literally speaking "to make into nothing". Don't worry, under all the rubble of your shattered world Destroyer will reach out to you like a little song bird in the early morning. Dan Bejar will sing his song in your ear and lift you from the shambles so you can revel in awe of the new word he created through bleeps, bloops and whirs reminiscent of Binural beats or tones. Even though the world is a brighter place, you find yourself still not feeling quite right. You realize his words are a solid mass of undigestible lyrics in your belly, but you can't control yourself and gorge yourself on his poetry anyway. It's just too yummy to say no.

Listen, I've been drinking
as our house lies in ruin.
I don't know what I'm doing
alone in the dark
at the park or at the pier,
watching ships disappear in the rain.
The world's just bones.
The world is black stones dressed up in the rain
with no place to go but home-" -Bay of Pigs

Warning: This is a chewy piece of music, it's more like literature. I mean, it tackles the 1961 invasion of Cuba.

Now this is much more friendly to those who like something a little easier to digest.