Saturday, January 22, 2011

Man of Men

I've been a fan of The Smiths for a really long time, so I'm not sure why I feel compelled to blog about them right now. Actually this is more Steven Patrick Morrissey specific. I forgot how much I have a crush on the 1980s version of him. We have a lot in common, he's a Gemini, claimed to be asexual (that was my go to response in high school lol) and hello we both are deep and painfully profound. I'm kidding, kind of.

Here is one of my favorite things I have read about the man of men:

Encyclopædia Britannica argues that Morrissey's 1990s albums, including Your Arsenal (1992), Vauxhall and I (1994), Southpaw Grammar (1995) and Maladjusted (1997) "testified to a growing homoerotic obsession with criminals, skinheads, and boxers, a change paralleled by a shift in the singer's image from wilting wallflower to would-be thug sporting sideburns and gold bracelets."

I want to be a mix of a wilting wallflower and would be thug sporting sideburns and gold bracelets.

I should talk about the genius behind the music, the lyrics, the legacy but I'm too lazy. Sometimes you just want to look at a really beautiful man and hear some really good music.