Saturday, July 31, 2010

Catchin' Up On Lost Time

So where do I begin... hmm? Well most importantly Lindsay and Matt were married yesterday. One of the most beautiful weddings I have been to yet. Lindsay was stunning and oozed old Hollywood with all it's beauty and class. It feels good to be home (I'm writing from Joanna's apartment at the moment) and around the ones I love. I can't ever express enough just how grateful I am to have a life filled with such good people.

Now for the most important news in my own life: Nile and I made it official and he is my boyfriend!! He's so special to me and everyday I think about how lucky I am to have him in my life. He is the most beautiful, inspiring, talented, intelligent and kind man I have ever met. Coming home to Cortland has always been bittersweet for the fact that I always felt like I didn't have a reason to return to the city. But with Nile in my life, it is nice to know that I have someone waiting for me to come back to.

New Band Alert: City & Colours (really digging this band in all its acoustic glory.)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Pride, Sangria and Communism

I have so much to write but I have a feeling most of it won't get written down. I'm not really thinking in a linear fashion tonight and I'm just plain lazy. :P I officially started as ambassador today with the Chelsea Art Museum and I forgot how great it feels to surround myself with art. I just feel energized, stimulated and alive! I was working the ground floor with a fantastic exhibit titled A Part of No Part: Parallelisms Between Then and Now it displays contemporary totalitarian and post-totalitarian video installations from the Czech Republic, Poland and Croatia. In these countries any form of self expression is banned by the ruling Communist regime. Paintings are an obvious target and easy to regulate but video art is less tangible and in my opinion really captures the political upheaval and zeitgeist of the times. I always am amazed by the way people find a voice when their voice has been taken away or when no one wants them to be heard. It really is a beautiful thing.

A piece by Norman Leto whose piece Buttes Monteaux 3 is my favorite of this exhibit. Here is his Buttes Monteaux 1: (#3 is much better, but this is all I could find on youtube)

NYC Pride was this past weekend and was a lot of fun. I caught the tail end of the parade as I was lazy about getting out of the house in anticipation to the ridiculously hot weather we were having on Sunday. I'm so glad I went, the parade is HUGE and surprisingly creative. Sure there are lots of shirtless guys (and girls!) but all in all it was equal parts progressive and porn. After the parade I went to G Lounge on W. 19th St. such a fun crowd and my drink of choice, Alabama Slammers, got me a lot of attention. Who knew a small town country boy could introduce the NYC masses to something so fruity and delicious! After two strong drinks (on a hot day and empty stomach) I stumbled to The Village Den, this charming little restaurant with delicious food and Sangria. Then spent the remainder of my night with Tanya and Annie at Honey. It was lesbian heaven, except for the creepy straight DJ, who I think was living out his fantasy over the microphone. It got even better when my special man friend met me around 9PM. We danced, laughed and stole a reserved table in the VIP (seriously? that was VIP?) section of the bar. Where we presumed to cuddle and talk until about 12:30AM when I was all out of pride and he had to catch the L train and I had to make my way home. Did I mention he kissed me? I know, I know! We shared out first (3) kisses on Pride! How tragically cute and gay is that?! Then he came to my place the following day and we vegged out with bad TV and Papa Johns or as I call it in West New York, Papa Juans.