Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sleep Deprived

So last night was interesting. It kicked off with the company Christmas Party, which was a great time. The decor was fantastic, thanks to moi, if I may say so myself! Lots of food, lots of drinks, friends and even a comedy show. As the night pressed on word started to circulate about an after party, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go, but I figured "What the hell?" I didn't have anything better to do. I rallied my reserves and put on my disco ball scarf and headed out to the streets with the gang: Gabe, Jennifer, Andres B., Andres C., Carolina and a very drunk Brenda (yes, this is foreshadowing the night's events to come).

We took two cabs to Amnesia down on W. 29th Street. Gabe had connections and was able to get us in, always a plus. The club was great, the music was fun, the lighting was groovy and the crowd was cool. Lots of dancing ensued and drinking of course, not me though I only had one, I can't stand being hung over anymore. Plus at $20 a drink, it was so easy to say no. But it really felt nice to just dance. The beats were so heavy, the air was thick and the bass was so hard I couldn't help but get primal on the dance floor. However, things got a little too primal when Gabe danced with me and kept trying to take my clothes off. I never felt uncomfortable because he is the epitome of a straight playboy and I know he isn't "interested" but please, have some respect for my outfit!

At about 4AM we moved the party outside and decided to call for our company approved VIP car service back home (I could get used to a personal chauffeur, beats public transportation any day). Gabe had a 5AM flight to catch to Miami, Brenda was obliterated and the rest of us had danced our faces off. I won't get into details but Brenda was the queen of crazy: screaming in the streets, crying and didn't even know her address (But God bless her, she made my night!). This is why it pays to go out with an assistant, I anticipated this and had already arranged the car service for her. I put her in the car and looked at the driver and said "No matter what she says, take her to the address I have given you and no where else." Then my car came and I was home by 5AM. I think I'll go nap now...