Sunday, December 12, 2010

Here's to You LES.

I met up with Danny last night for some city funzies. I suggested some low-key Christmas fun and Danny wanted to drink. So we decided to meet somewhere in the middle and ended up in the Lower East Side and we both got exactly what we wanted. SantaCon was happening last night in SoHo and the LES, literally everyone was dressed as Santa, even the homeless people. Naturally, I was in love.

After taking in the sights and trying to get a table at this dive Mexican restaurant (that smelled delicious by the way!) we headed to Urge, on 2nd Ave., this dark and seedy place right next to the ultra-pervy The Cock. Mind you, I did not want to go into The Cock, because I like seedy in moderation, but not unabashed trashiness. It was a great time and just what Danny and I both wanted. The bartender was fantastic, the drinks were strong, the people were friendly and a John Water's film was playing on the two large screen monitors.