Sunday, December 19, 2010

Don't You Know That You're Toxic?

This is a musical gem my friends. The soundtrack is perfection and the video is true poetry in motion. Olafur Arnalds will be playing at the High Line Ballroom in Chelsea and I would really love to go, I'll need to research this a little further. What I love about Arnalds is that he got his start as the drummer for hardcore/metal band Fighting Shit and then somehow musically moved in this direction.

In other news: I've started a 7 day detox program today. I drank this putrid fiber mix, when I mixed the powder with water it looked like mashed up seaweed, no joke. I'll be taking some herbal supplements later once I finally decide to eat something. To correlate the video above to this tid bit of information, I imagine my bowels will look pretty similar (Fighting Shit, get it?) hence my bowels are true poetry in motion. Yeah, I took it there. Enjoy!