Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dreaming in an Apple Bed

As I ready for my adventures in Slumberland I find myself listening to Apple Bed by Sparklehorse. I can't help but wonder why I am alone. I believe in love and my heart is open, I just wonder if it's all a matter of timing. But it's too late and I'm too tired for these late night thoughts. I just wonder when I'll be in step with the rhythm of my life and get the timing just right.

Apple Bed - Sparklehorse

of horses wet
with melted ice
they would not heed
my advice
and burdened limbs
of its weight
to break and rot
a whispered fate

doctor, please

around me
in a bloody sea
to breach the hive
and smoke the bees
you can be my friend
you can be my dog
you can be my life
you can be my fog

doctor, please

the witches will return to their sticky tree knots
I will feel the sun
I will feel the sun
I will feel the sun coming down

I wish I had
a horse's head
a tiger's heart
an apple bed