Friday, August 13, 2010


Not really sure why I felt the need to post right now because I have nothing really to say. I'm in such a sleepy state that I actually feel sort of brain dead, is that normal? I've actually had sensations of a physical block in my brain before, maybe the phrase blockhead was paying homage to me.

I desperately want something interesting and substantial to come to mind but my mind is telling me to stop searching, it's closed shop for the day, the "Open" sign has been flipped to "Closed". So here's a quick synopsis of my week: Beyonce refuses to wear bowling shoes, Robin Thicke is careless with his Platinum AMEX card, Eat Pray Love (has changed my life) I desperately hope the movie is as good as the book, I need to get a passport and now that I've had a glimpse of cooler weather I am so ready for fall. These are the late night thoughts of a weary 'ol soul...

I don't mean to be redundant by posting music videos in each post of mine but music is a part of my daily life, so I guess it's fitting for this blog. Without further ado, here's another musical gem. It's a little sad and sleepy but I'm love.

Bonne nuit et au revoir!