Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Emperor Wears No Clothes

I had the most beautiful day yesterday and I am filled to the brim with gratitude for all of the good energy and positive things that came my way. The day started with me lazily dozing on and off until about 10AM. About an hour later I checked my e-mail to find that I did indeed get the job with The Vox Collective! I'll be the new executive assistant to the four senior partners of the advertising agency. I am so excited to be taking a step in the right direction career wise, well, and having weekends off is a bonus as well!

After this great news, I tidied up my room a bit, made myself some lunch and printed out the RSVP list for the digital art show at Google's offices here in the city. It was a great experience being invited to help out with this event and get a glimpse at some great art and the inside of the great space that is Google. The art that I found to be the most significant is titled Mission Eternity. It is a collection of bits of information of a dying person that is stored in a vast database used to create "Arcanum Capsules" in a sense it is a very personalized and intimate time capsule of a person's existence. These fragments of life, the knowledge, the sounds, circle the globe through networked computers allowing the dying or dead person a limited immortality. Really deep on every level. I'm still trying to digest the entire concept. Copy & paste this link to watch the video if this is your "schtickt" it really is pretty amazing:

Once I was done working the event, I met up with my favorite man in the whole wide world, Nile. We enjoyed a great dinner at Room Service on 14th St. (I'm looking forward to leftovers tonight!). Dinner was followed by a trip back to my place where he showed me his scrapbook of his stay in India. I feel like me calling it a "scrapbook" demeans the value of what he created, it's more like a really cool physical manifestation of his memories of the journey. This was followed by us sharing my bed and him telling me he loves me. I was wholeheartedly able to say this back to him, because I do love him. My walls and boundaries are non-existent with him. I feel him in ways I don't even understand. I can't describe how he makes me feel because this new feeling is so foreign to me, but I can say don't ever settle, everyone deserves to find love like this.

This also, is just too good.

You're welcome.


Em said...

Congratulations on the new job!! <3 I hope you love it! I'm so happy for you, Colin!