Monday, August 23, 2010

Praline Nut Mix & The Soundtrack to my Life

So here it is, 12:18AM on an early Monday morning, I should be sleeping but I'm indulging myself in a bag of Duane Reade's Praline Nut Mix and some music. These nuts are coated in a tasty concoction that makes the nuts so hard, I profess I may break a tooth. But I digress.

I came to a realization that my iPod is the perfect companion, it totally gets me. While riding the bus today, I was overcome by the epiphany that the music on my iPod played in the specific sequence as it was played this morning, coincided with my mood and the circumstances of my life in that moment. This delicious mix of music created the perfect soundtrack to my life as it was unfolding at that moment in time.

Ah well. Now it is 1:03AM and I have just woken up after falling asleep in front of my computer. I guess that's my hint to exit stage right and get ready for bed. Cue the music and roll the credits!