Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our Love, I Couldn't Hold It

This video reminds me of my fantasy life. Oh? You're curious what my fantasy life would be like? Well here you go...

I'd like to live when New Romantics were Dandy Highwaymen and synth-pop ruled the world. I'd wake up in a big city apartment and be off to enjoy art during the day and the city nightlife at night, all the while feeling the "lub dub" of the city's vitality mix with my own. I'd be surrounded by people worth sharing my life with. I would wish for conversations revolving around art, the taboo, and Georges Bataille, and I'd have an even quicker mind to communicate my ideas. I'd ask for endless time with friends and family. And sometimes, I wish I could find a singing voice I never knew I had, to go along with some new found fancy footwork for my twinkle toes. I'd love to fly through the air with the greatest of ease, and discover how amazing it would be to see the Gondola - haunted side streets of Venice just off the Grand Canal, where many an assignation has been made and many secret courtships conducted. Finally, I'd like to throw a party with a taste of the South American Carnival and mix in a slight dash of the delicious German Karnival as well. Maybe I'd invite an angel along to bring blessings on everyone there, and to thank them for their gracious presence, I would teach the angel how to booty shake.


Anonymous said...

I love that your angel would booty shake. *giggle*