Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Magic of a Light Heart

I'm in search of magic. The magic I once knew as a child. I want to revel in newfound knowledge, find amazement in nature and believe in things most people would scoff at. What is life without wonderment and the joy of an open mind? I'm sick of believing that life is about duty and following certain paths. What about the pursuit of happiness, following my heart and taking leaps of faith?

I want to believe in the tooth fairy, splash in the rain puddles, connect the dots on cereal boxes, eat sugary cereals, have toys in the bathtub, dig in the back yard in hopes of reaching China, get the giggles at dinner time, play dress-up, sing and dance with abandon, never, ever have to be in a hurry and wake up excited about the day.

It truly doesn't take much to keep magic alive. You need an open mind and a light heart. You need to take a bath by yourself and put a few Hot Wheels and GI Joes on the tub's ledge to see what happens. You need to plant some seeds before the next deluge. Re-read "The Butter Battle Book". Identify with the little boy filled with hope and optimism and not my minds negative and know-it-all Big Brother.

I'm going to keep finding masterpieces in the clouds, wishing on dandelions, searching for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and dreaming about what's beyond the stars.