Saturday, September 10, 2011


I'm feeling the pull of NYC again, it's calling out to me and I haven't decided if it's out of love, apology, or because it's a bitch. Regardless, I still love you NY. I am cautious though. I realize two things when I think about NY: 1.) I am too young to be stuck in my hometown working dead end jobs 2.) I am too old to keep making mistakes and moving back into my Dad's

What's a boy to do.

Another conundrum. I'm about to lay it down for all the gay men out there. Take heed because I'm over it. Quit your goddamn bitching that you want to find a cute/smart/funny guy interested in a long term relationship because you will choose the hot/slut for a one night stand, every time. Fact.

Keri, honey, one night stands rarely turn into anything more than the clap. Just being a friend.