Monday, October 25, 2010

Priorities In Order

It's amazing how it really is the little things in life that can make you feel complete. It's ironic this is a lesson I've learned here in NYC, where all the glitz and glam can be so distracting and cloud your perception. You would think it would be a lesson I would have learned years ago in my quiet hometown. I think the juxtaposition of my new home and my old home is exactly what I needed to make me realize this. I just got off the phone with my family for different reasons (Jakob's Birthday and Russ' surgery; both went very well!) and I feel the most like myself as I have in weeks. This void that I've had is filled and it feels so good. Life is so much easier knowing that you are secure in loving relationships that will never change.

I think I'm gonna stay home
Have myself a home life
Sitting in the slow-mo
And listening to the daylight
I am not a nomad
I am not a rocket man
I was born a house cat
By the sleight of my mother's hand

I think I'm gonna stay home

I want to live in the center of a circle
I want to live on the side of a square
I used to be in my M-too scene
You'll never find me cause my name isn't there

Home life
Been holding out for a home life
My whole life

I want to see the end game
I want to learn her last name
Finish on a Friday
And sit in traffic on the highway
See, I refuse to believe
That my life's gonna be
Just some string of incompletes
Never to lead me to anything remotely close to home life...
(Yes, I left out the rest of the lyrics, because this is the part of the song that speaks to me. The rest of the